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Dhimay Pau Edition 52

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५२

eDhimayPau Edition 53

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५३

DhimeyPau Edition 54

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५४

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५५

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५५

Dhimay Pau Edition 56

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५६

Dhimay Pau Edition 57

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५७

Dhimay Pau Edition 58

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५८

Dhimay Pau Edition 59

धिमय् पौ ल्या ५९

Dhimay Pau Edition 60/61

धिमय् पौ ल्या ६०।६१

धिमय् पौ ल्या ६२

धिमय् पौ ल्या ६२

धिमय् पौ ल्या ६३

धिमय् पौ ल्या ६३



23 Responses to eDhimayPau Archive

  1. Admin(Sunil Maharjan) says:

    The electronic version of 53th Edition will be published shortly. Sorry of inconvinience . 52th edition is already posted. Please enjoy.. If you have any feedback you can post on comment or you can directly mail to sunilmaharjan@iqt.com.np.
    Thank you for your support.

  2. sunilm says:

    Please leave comment or feed back so that we can further tune up the site. Your views will be appreciated.

  3. Amit Awale says:

    monthly jaka wai gu li soya magau the cho weekly wa sa ajha better juila

    • sunilm says:

      Feedback yu lagi yakku yakku subhaye. Jhisa aa taka piha wogu dhimepau tegu online swaye jika kuta: yanagu kha. Nhugu lya piha wola ki electronic format (online) li tayegu kuta: jui. Akegu lagi pahila book he piha wayemagu jui ale jaka ake ta jhisa online li tayefai.


  4. Dinesh Maharjan says:

    I think monthly is okey but what are the contents of pau?I think this is good start and bless you for better future.


  5. hey. you have a pretty good post there mate.

  6. Deepak Maharjan says:

    great !! Our magazine is being international.

  7. sunilm says:

    The 53rd edition is uploaded. Please send me comment and feedback. Thank you.

  8. Yes we expecting this kind of job, we should be able to response each post on this ebook as well. great work.

  9. Sanu Maharjan says:

    E DhimayPau Pita: KayaGu Jaha Sutha Lahe ma Dhaka Manatuna cho na:

  10. yale jyapu says:

    admin ju,
    e dhimay pau upload yanadigu tasaka he banla. tara download yaye jeeka .pdf format le na taya digu jusa jhan he banlai la. suvay.

    • sunilm says:

      Suvaye du yale jyapu ju comment yu lagi…tho e-dhimay pau pdf format makhu ki swf format e kha wa downloadable biugu chhu he provision aa taka madugu jula..subhaye

  11. nabin says:

    aaha taka u phukaa aakha dasa taskaha ea balaegu . suvaea.

  12. neotonil says:

    Wonderful!! Can we sunscribe them in or inbox?

    • sunilm says:

      Thank you for your response to this small effort. Since it is free of cost for now, we don’t have provision for subscription or downloading the copy in local computer. But we are planning to let people subscribe and download e-dhimay pau to local computer and we are working on it. Thank you.

      Please come back again for next edition of dhimay pau.

  13. Raman says:

    thwo swoya ni nhapaangu lya ta: swoye dasa jyu………

    • sunilm says:

      Suvaye Raman ju yata. Pulaugu lya ta tayegu lagi archieving le jya juya chongu du. Chhisa yakana he pulagu lya na swoyedaigu jui.

  14. Nanda Bahadur Maharjan says:

    ई धिमे पौ पिक्या दिई ल उके या लागि यकु यकु सुभाय दु , थ्वो पौ ला: पौ ख कि गथे ख ?

    • sunilm says:

      यकु यकु सुभाय नन्द बहादुर जु या त न |झिगु धिमय पौ निला: पौ ख |

  15. Dinesh S.Maharjan says:

    It is the big step towards development of community and nation .Keep it up its’ momentum

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